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Arrival and the first day

Finally, my friend Esther and I arrived in Vancouver yesterday after a long flight of 15 hours. Our hostmama picked us up and we just drove behind the wonderful skyline of Vancouver. The river and the beautiful lights of the big city makes it absolutely amazing. By arriving I almost felt, I was jetlacked because of the flight and the new time that makes a difference of 9 hours back, so on can say we only had a fly of 3 hours. Our hostmama cocked pasta for us and after a last tea we went to bed very tired. Today was a day for organizing stuff: a new prepaid card for our mobile phones and open an account at a canadian bank, what takes a long time..Making an overview of Langley, the city we live in (close to vancouver) and visiting a mall in it. After that we bought food from a fast food restaurant and ate it at a parc near home. Diane (hostmama) drove us to Fraver River, a wonderful place to relax. Love the nature in Canada!!!

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